Food Gourmet may describe a class of restaurant, meal or ingredient of high quality, of special representation or high sophistication. We offer high quality, truly gourmet foods from artisan companies across the globe. We represent various gourmet food companies and small farming communities to bring you the best tasting, most convenient and plant-based foods for selling their products in India, imported through select dedicated importers. We travel the world, building relationships with these companies and small dedicated farming communities to help you to prepare your palate for a delicious and delightful journey to far off lands, so you can enjoy the best flavors the world has to offer.
ABHI TRADERS, is a company founded in the year 2012, was mainly into exports, exporting spices, fruits and various other food items across the globe. The founder of the firm began his career as a criminal lawyer, but soon defined his academic led profession in pursuit of his true calling, sustainable entrepreneurship. A vivid traveler and a food enthusiastic always eager to try new cuisines, made him ponder about the rich ingredients used in their preparations, which made them a taste to remember!. So, in the year 2019, with sustainability and being deeply committed to bring such brands to INDIA which have created a global footprint throughout but were not accessible to people here in INDIA, he thought of bringing these gourmet products to INDIA at ease and started delivering great food to great people. The other areas of his work includes dealing in import licenses and construction.
ABHI TRADERS is your definitive partner that connects global gourmet foods and you. Our mission is to eliminate the distance between the people and the healthy and delicious food. Behind each product there are marvellous stories and warm encounters with producers who believe in their daily work, respecting the raw materials, the land, the rhythms of nature, and native flavours. Therefore, we believe that such a "moral duty" can be transmitted to those who have the privilege to decide which taste experiences to reserve for its customers and get to their heart.

Our Founder

A lawyer by education & practice, Abhishek has always been a passionate food connoisseur. Through his travels across the globe he was able to taste an array of exceptional cuisines which made him ponder about the rich ingredients used in their preparations, which made them a taste to remember! It is through this quest for the finer taste, and the realization that the people of India were warming up to Gourmet Products, led him to seek his calling for sustainable entrepreneurship. Committed to brining Global Brands of Gourmet Products to Indian Households, which was previously unavailable in India, Abhi Traders have now successfully been working towards this goal since 2019.Abhishek has a simple mantra for his venture, which has led him to touch the lives of many across the country, ‘Tasting Greatness’!